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MAY 2019

Meet the animals!

Mercys Meadow

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MAY 2019

Meet the animals!

We've been waiting for nicer weather to open the property to all our friends and supporters so everyone can see what we do here.  We plan on having an Open House in May, date TBD.  Once we set the date, we'll send out plenty of notice.  Please bring children, friends, family, total strangers, etc. for a great day!  We plan to have food, beverages, hay ride tours, barn tours and a schedule of classes like soap, chap stick, deodorant, toothpaste and candle making.  We also plan to host gardening education (by a master gardener), knitting, felting, personal heating pads, bat box building, farm Yoga and other cool stuff we can think of!  Can't wait for all of you to come visit, we guarantee it will be worth the trip!

Mercys Meadow

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About Us

The Dymanic Duo!


Soon to be husband and wife, Lee and Alison, share a passion for making lives around them better.  Purchasing a horse farm in Uniontown, OH, they rescue/foster farm animals like Alpaca, Chickens, ducks, rabbits, a pot bellied pig and domestic pets like cats and dogs too!  In addition to this love of animals, they also plan to work with at risk youth in the greater Akron/Canton area to provide valuable skills in animal care, gardening, making soap, candles, cheese, lip balm and other homesteading activities to increase self esteem and self worth.

Our History


Alison and Lee started simply as pet owners, then began to foster puppy mill dogs and momma cats with litters.  Lee has a knack for connecting with animals, but you all know who the brains behind this operation is! Alison is finishing her Degree in School Psychology at Kent State and has a background in social work, working with troubled High School children and foster care.  This passion grew into Mercy's Meadow!

Animals And Children Are Our Mission


Our goal for the rescues are to provide a safe and loving environment for our friends to thrive while living out their days.  Our goal for at risk youth is to teach them responsibility and skills they would not ordinarily have access to in their current environment.  We believe both animals and children will flourish depending on each other!

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We now have a bank account and linked  paypal to it so we can accept your valuable donations!  Aside from normal care, we are considering some exciting projects that will give you 24/7 video access to see them live! As always, your support and contributions will enable us to help these animals and eventually, at risk youth. Your generous donation will fund our mission and make this tiny corner of the word a better place.  Thanks to all who care!

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